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College Tips (3)

Planners…and why they’re essential!
By Sienna Rodriguez on March 2, 2021

Planners…and why they’re essential! College can be overwhelming, we all know that. With classes, work, clubs and organizations, athletics (for some), and friends, it can be nearly...

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Time Management: The Most Important School Supply
By Shayna Ede on January 21, 2021

Time Management: The Most Important School Supply I don’t know about how everyone else feels, but high school was much easier than college. I am not talking about classes in particular, but...

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Making the Most of Winter Break
By Carmen Fanning on December 8, 2020

Making the Most of Winter Break The long-awaited winter break: A time we look forward to, but often don’t take advantage of. If you’re like me, you spend hours lounging on the couch,...

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Discounts for College Students
By Sienna Rodriguez on November 12, 2020

Discounts for College Students College is expensive; we all know that. But what if I told you there were some ways you could get stuff for a little cheaper and save yourself some money?...

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Breakfast Benefits
By Shayna Ede on November 10, 2020

Breakfast Benefits Many students these days are having trouble focusing on classes and staying energized throughout the day. There can be many factors, such as lack of sleep the night...

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How to Stay Motivated and Avoid the Mid-Semester Slump
By Shayna Ede on October 13, 2020

Mid Semester Slump After Christmas break, students come back to campus for classes ready and willing to learn. You do your homework every night and turn it in on time, you wake up every...

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