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Shayna Ede

Hello! My name is Shayna Ede, and I am currently attending For Hays State University. In elementary school and even high school back in Colorado, I always thought writing was fun. I was the first to sign up for writing contests and English classes. I am majoring in Journalism, which seems quite fitting. I am in the marching band here at FHSU and I have a blast performing! When I’m not thinking about school, I like long talks with my family and friends, riding horses, and photography! I may be early in my years of college, but I have big plans to travel and see what this world has to offer after I graduate, while of course taking pictures and writing about the things I encounter!
Books to Read in College
By Shayna Ede on October 6, 2021

Books to Read in College In today’s society, video games and partying take over the lives of more students than not. There are a few, however, that still like to curl up on the couch with a...

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How to Make Friends in College
By Shayna Ede on September 21, 2021

How to Make Friends in College When I first entered school at the amazing age of five, I was a pro at making friends. I could walk up to the other kids on the playground and simply say,...

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My Most Embarassing Moment on Campus
By Shayna Ede on June 17, 2021

My Most Embarrassing Moment on Campus    As a freshman coming from a very small high school, I was always worried about messing up and making a fool of myself. I must say, I did pretty well...

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Advice for First Generation Students
By Shayna Ede on April 20, 2021

First-generation students are classified as students whose parents had not completed a bachelor’s degree. Whatever the situation may be, there are many ways for first-generation students to...

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Picking a Playlist
By Shayna Ede on April 6, 2021

Picking a Playlist For years, people have always encouraged new moms to make their babies listen to Mozart instead of Nirvana, because apparently, Mozart has made babies grow up to be more...

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Housing and Dining options at FHSU
By Shayna Ede on April 1, 2021

Housing and Dining options at FHSU For most incoming freshmen, living on campus is a requirement. With on-campus housing comes all the added perks such as the meal plan, which includes the...

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