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Tips to Stay Healthy in College

By Carmen Fanning on March, 3 2021

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Tips to Stay Healthy in College

Before entering college, everyone stresses the danger of the Freshman Fifteen. This is sponsored by excessive alcohol intake, cafeterias, late-night fast food runs, high-stress levels and ramen. Though daunting, there are so many ways to stay healthy in college. Staying healthy doesn’t need to be a drag, you might actually find it quite enjoyable. Keep reading for tips and tricks to avoid the curse of the Freshman Fifteen spell.

First and foremost, all bodies are beautiful. No matter what shape or size you are, you are still beautiful and valued. There needs to be a mental shift from weight to wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle is important for the overall function and productiveness of a college student. We are constantly bogged my assignments, tests, social life and relationships. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will give you the energy to balance it all.

Practice mindful eating. The easiest way to overindulge in food is by eating while distracted. I know it’s tempting to grab your favorite snack while watching Netflix or working on homework, but this is a habit you can easily nip in the bud. Get in tune with your body and only eat when you’re actually hungry. Your body is constantly telling you what it needs throughout the day, be mindful of what it’s telling you.

On the other hand, make sure you are eating. Food is energy and we can all agree that in college, we need all the energy we can get. It is scientifically proven that food helps with mental clarity and focus. I know that 8:30 sucks, but don’t skip breakfast! At the very least grab a granola bar to give you that little boost of energy you need in the morning.

View exercise as a de-stressor. Although college is fun and exciting, it’s also very stressful. Exercise is the perfect way to blow off all that built up stress (without actually taking it out on someone else). We’ve been taught that running is a punishment and a dreadful thing to do. If you shift your focus to seeing running as a way to relieve stress, it becomes more enjoyable. You’ll be shocked by how far you can go!

Your only competition is yourself - there’s no need to compare your progress to others. Society’s perception of beauty is totally warped. Beauty truly lies within. That also goes along with the foods you put in your body. Your body is a treasured temple that should be treated with the utmost respect. You wouldn’t let someone talk bad about you so why would you put bad things in your body. Foods rich in protein and fiber are always a great option. See clean and healthy eating as a way of self-care. Soon your body will start to reject highly processed foods and junk and you’ll overall feel a lot better.

Watch the liquids! If you’re like me, you live off of coffee. Although coffee is a great energy boost, the high doesn’t last long so you replace it with more caffeine. This is a very unhealthy cycle. Instead try eating a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The throughput of not having coffee is devastating, but once you stop skipping meals you’ll realize your need for caffeine will decrease.

Sleep! It’s what every college student loves, but doesn’t get enough of. It’s vital to get 7-8 hours of sleep to maintain a healthy metabolism. Put your phone away, ditch the 2 A.M. McDonald's run and sleep! You’ll be so thankful you did the next morning.

Healthy habits should start young so later in life it’s easier to maintain. College is the perfect opportunity to learn healthy habits on your own. No matter what weight you are, you are still beautiful and worthy in every way. Long live the Freshman Fifteen myth. By implementing these healthy lifestyle changes you are sure to combat the curse.

Carmen Fanning

Hello my name is Carmen Fanning. I'm currently a senior in the ultrasound department at FHSU. Although my major is science, I’ve always enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember. My most enjoyable classes have always been English classes because of how it can be thought provoking and an outlet of emotions and information. I’m not a loud person, so it’s nice to put my thoughts into the world through writing. My other hobbies include roller skating, cooking, thrifting and reading. I hope to continue writing post graduation as an enjoyable hobby. I’ll be entering the health care field as ultrasound tech and will continue my degree at a hospital of my choosing. Not sure where yet, but I’m excited for the journey!


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