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Breakfast Benefits

By Shayna Ede on November, 10 2020

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Breakfast Benefits

Many students these days are having trouble focusing on classes and staying energized throughout the day. There can be many factors, such as lack of sleep the night before, mental disorders, and more times than not, hunger. Parents and teachers always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so is it? Eating breakfast has more health benefits than one would think. It can provide energy, it could help you control your weight, and improve your brainpower!

When it comes to energy, college students seem to have very little. This could be caused by a lack of nutrition, such as breakfast. Your body stores a lot of energy as fat and some as glycogen. Most glycogen is stored in your liver where, at night or other times of fasting, glycogen is broken down and moved to the bloodstream as glucose. Without the proper amount of glycogen, your body may lose energy overnight, leaving you tired and groggy for the day ahead.

Individuals who eat breakfast also have an easier time controlling their weight. While research for this is constantly ongoing, it is thought that eating breakfast prevents large fluctuations in your glucose levels, which helps control your appetite. Breakfast also helps fill you up before your stomach starts to growl. Often times people who let themselves get hungry overeat and also eat unhealthy foods which causes weight gain.

Parents and teachers may be right when they tell you breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies show that breakfast can help improve your mental performance, which includes attention and ability to remember. Students who choose to eat every morning tend to perform better academically compared to those who do not eat breakfast.

Some people claim that they don’t eat in the morning because they don’t know what to eat or because they don’t have time to prepare their food before work or class begins. Some quick suggestions are:

  • Fresh fruit and nuts
  • Yogurt and fresh fruit
  • Smoothies (easy to take on the go)
  • Wheat toast and yogurt with fresh fruits

After 2 weeks, which is how long habits take to form, you will have no second thoughts about eating breakfast!

Breakfast seems to be the most important meal of the day, especially when it comes to students! This one meal can provide energy, weight control, and help stimulate the brain for a long day of classes ahead!


Shayna Ede

Hello! My name is Shayna Ede, and I am currently attending For Hays State University. In elementary school and even high school back in Colorado, I always thought writing was fun. I was the first to sign up for writing contests and English classes. I am majoring in Journalism, which seems quite fitting. I am in the marching band here at FHSU and I have a blast performing! When I’m not thinking about school, I like long talks with my family and friends, riding horses, and photography! I may be early in my years of college, but I have big plans to travel and see what this world has to offer after I graduate, while of course taking pictures and writing about the things I encounter!


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