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Study Spots around town
By Fort Hays State University on December 8, 2022

Believe it or not, your study spot plays an integral part in the success of your productivity while studying. Lucky for you, the great town of Hays offers numerous spots to get the most...

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How to gain more financial freedom
By Fort Hays State University on November 3, 2022

Financial freedom is more than just a buzz word. It is an achievable way of life, whether you are rich or poor. Financial freedom can be defined as having enough savings, financial...

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What is tgof? discounts and deals for tigers
By Fort Hays State University on September 27, 2022

All You Need to Know About Tiger Gear on Friday at FHSU  Every Friday, the students, faculty, and staff of Fort Hays State University come together to show their Tiger spirit by wearing...

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Back to School: Backpack Essentials
By Fort Hays State University on August 15, 2022

College students can relate to long and tiresome days where there’s not even time to eat. The life of a college student in the simplest terms is very hectic. This is why carrying the...

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How to Make Friends in College
By Shayna Ede on September 21, 2021

How to Make Friends in College When I first entered school at the amazing age of five, I was a pro at making friends. I could walk up to the other kids on the playground and simply say,...

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Advice for Getting Around Campus
By Sienna Rodriguez on August 10, 2021

Advice for Getting Around Campus We all find ourselves to be a little lost the first time we arrive on our college campus. It takes a little bit of time to figure out where you're going and...

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