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What is tgof? discounts and deals for tigers

By Fort Hays State University on September, 27 2022

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All You Need to Know About Tiger Gear on Friday at FHSU 

Every Friday, the students, faculty, and staff of Fort Hays State University come together to show their Tiger spirit by wearing their favorite piece of Tiger gear. This is known as the Tiger Gear on Friday initiative. There are many benefits to participating in this event, including showing your school spirit, supporting local businesses, and networking with other FHSU community members. 


What Is TGOF? 

 A group of students started the Tiger Gear on Friday initiative in 2014. The goal of TGOF is to promote school spirit and unity among the FHSU community. Every Friday, participants are encouraged to wear their favorite piece of Tiger Gear to show their support for the university. It can be anything from a T-shirt to a hat to a pair of socks! There are no rules; show your Tiger pride in whatever way you feel comfortable. 

Fun Fact: TGOF is not just for students! Faculty and staff are also encouraged to participate. Some local businesses have even adopted TGOF to show their support for the university. 


Benefits of Participating in Tiger Gear on Friday 

One of the great benefits of participating in Tiger Gear on Friday is that you can help support your team. By wearing Tigers gear on Fridays, you show your support for the team and help to raise money for them. 

Another benefit of participating in this program is that it helps to build school spirit. When you wear Tigers gear on Fridays, you show your pride in your school and team. It can help to create a positive and supportive environment at FHSU.  

Finally, participating in Tiger Gear on Friday is a great way to meet other Tigers fans. When you wear your gear on Fridays, you will likely see other students and other members of the university community wearing their gear. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. 

If you would like to participate in the Tiger Gear on Friday initiative, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to purchase some Tigers gear. You can find this gear at the FHSU Bookstore or online. Once you have your gear, wear it on Fridays to show your support. 


Things to Keep in Mind When Participating 

There are a few things to keep in mind when participating in the Tiger Gear on Friday initiative. First, be sure to wear comfortable clothing. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your wardrobe and show your school spirit, Tiger Gear on Friday student discounts are the way to go. 

You want to be able to show your school spirit, but you also want to be comfortable. Second, be sure to represent your favorite Tiger teams! Wear your favorite basketball jersey or your football sweatshirt. Third, have fun! It is an excellent opportunity to show your FHSU pride and meet new people. 

Fun Fact: The new TGOF Partner-of-the-Year contest, which comes with a Tiger-iffic prize package, encourages community partners such as downtown businesses to show their HFSU spirit. When you're visiting a local restaurant or shop, make sure to talk it up! 

The Tiger Gear on Friday initiative at FHSU lets students show their school spirit by wearing Tiger gear on Fridays. By participating in the program, students can show their support for their school and receive discounts on Tiger gear. In addition, the program helps to build school pride and loyalty. The Tiger Gear on Friday initiative benefits students, the university, and the off-campus community. 


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