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what can i do with a degree in ag business?

By Fort Hays State University on October, 6 2022

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What Can You Do With an Agricultural Business Degree?

Agribusiness is a broad term for businesses related to the production of food. That means jobs in analytics, marketing, supply chain management, accounting, and many other fields. Different agribusiness programs are available; some are specific to general agriculture or another branch of food production while others are more general. Business programs can be found at schools with agriculture programs, public business schools, and even online. Below is a list of careers in agriculture available to you with your degree in agricultural science or business.


Agribusiness Graduates Can Find Jobs in Marketing and Sales

Marketing professionals and salespeople often have degrees in business. Depending on the type of business, they may sell agricultural products directly to end customers or other companies that use those products. Some agribusiness professionals work in retail food stores, either as managers or as assistants to the managers. In marketing, brand management and product development are vital activities. Agribusiness graduates can also work in public relations and advertising, but those disciplines focus more on the creative aspects of marketing than on the analytical and business aspects.


Agribusiness Graduates Can Work in Supply Chain Management

Farmers, food processors, and other food businesses rely on suppliers of raw materials and other goods. Some specialize in a specific group of goods, such as feed for poultry or irrigation equipment. In a modern economy, agricultural businesses often import goods from other countries. Consequently, it’s useful for rural businesses to have experts in logistics and supply chain management. Those experts can help the companies ensure that raw materials arrive on time, that goods are correctly stored, and that the distribution of goods is efficient. Agribusiness graduates can also work for companies specializing in logistics for agricultural businesses.


Graduates With an Agribusiness Degree Can Work in Accounting

Accountants often have degrees in business administration. They may work directly for a company’s financial department or in a consulting firm. Businesses need accountants to keep track of their finances and calculate taxes. Agricultural businesses may need accountants to make sure they pay taxes correctly. Accountants also help companies forecast future financial conditions, which may be necessary for farming businesses depending on their climate or weather.

Companies and other organizations also hire accountants to conduct financial audits. Auditors examine a company’s books to ensure that it reports its finances accurately and does not commit financial fraud. Accountants may specialize in auditing agricultural businesses.


Other Job Options for Ag Business Grads Are in HR and Recruiting

Agribusiness managers may hire people to work in their businesses. However, human resource (HR) specialists are often responsible for hiring and firing employees. Agricultural companies may also need people to recruit new employees. HR specialists and recruiters have degrees in business administration. Agribusiness businesses may contract with outside firms to provide HR and drafting services. Graduates with an agribusiness degree can work in those firms.


Career Paths With an Ag Business Degree

Agribusiness businesses hire graduates of an Ag business program. Graduate programs are available in industry and agriculture, and they offer associate degrees as well. Graduates with an Ag business degree often work in agricultural or food processing operations or food-processing equipment manufacturing, such as meat processing plants or packing plants. They may also work in other agribusiness businesses, including wholesale, grocery, retail, and the like.

Students interested in pursuing a career in agriculture and business will find that an agribusiness degree is a perfect opportunity. With an agribusiness degree, graduates can pursue various career opportunities in accounting, marketing, sales, and human resources. The best way to find agribusiness jobs is to start networking early with people in the industry. You can also visit your local chapter of the Farm Business Council, attend career fairs, and follow companies hiring in agribusiness on social media to get your name out there before graduation.

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