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Is Graduate School Worth the Investment?

By Fort Hays State University on September, 22 2022

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Is Getting a Graduate Degree Worth the Time and Investment?

Deciding to go for your graduate degree is a huge decision, and it will take commitment to complete. Many people struggle with whether they should go back for their graduate degrees. They are not always sure that it is the right thing for them.

We know that going back to school can be expensive and time-consuming, but it is an excellent way to improve your professional prospects or just help you gain a greater understanding of a particular field while providing you with experience. There are also more affordable graduate programs out there.

So, why go to graduate school? Here are some good reasons that you should consider going back to school to get your graduate degree.


Best Reasons for Going Back to Get Your Graduate Degree

It can be difficult to make a huge decision about going back to school, but if you are interested in any of the four things below, you might have the best reason to go back to school.

  • Job advancement
  • Requirement for your career
  • Intellectual advancement
  • Improves your professional network


Career Advancement

For most people, advancing their careers is the number one reason why they choose to go back and get their graduate degrees. However, it isn't just advancing in your current career. Going to get a graduate degree can also help you branch out into different sectors and specialties in your chosen industry, or it could help you branch out into different industries as well. Depending on your field and your current employer, you may also find yourself getting a hefty salary increase after graduate school.

When looking for professionals, many people look for those who have the most educational background. Therefore, having a graduate degree will allow you to do this. In the past, you would have to spend hours in a traditional classroom, but if your only reason for not going back to school is the time commitment, then you might consider online schools.

With the advancements in technology, many colleges offer online classes for undergraduates and graduate degrees, which are more time flexible than traditional classes. Many programs offer a stipend, so you'll be interning for your future career while going to school in many cases.


Knowledge Exploration and Advancement

If you are always interested in learning new things, then going for your graduate degree is an excellent way to expand your knowledge and learn new techniques and information. Intellectual curiosity should always be encouraged, and there is nothing wrong with learning new things that can spark your passion.

You might be asking yourself whether intellectual curiosity is worth the investment for grad school. Curiosity paired with unique academic achievements can lead you to a better profession or career as well. Innovative companies are looking for creative, dedicated minds. A graduate degree in a creative field is a great way to demonstrate this. Not only that, but it can launch your career. Sergey Brin and Larry Page invented the search algorithm while studying at graduate school, for example.



In most businesses and careers, it is important to network with people, and graduate school is an excellent way to expand your network to people you might have never otherwise met. Grad school will provide you access to professional mentors across different industries that could help your career advance in the future.


Insights and Takeaways

We do not dispute that going back to graduate school is a huge decision. There are many things that you need to consider before committing, but going to an accredited online graduate university can reduce some of the stress and commitments that might otherwise make it difficult to further your career. Getting a grad degree can further your career, help you gain networking, and satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

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