Housing and Dining options at FHSU

By Shayna Ede on April, 1 2021

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Housing and Dining options at FHSU

For most incoming freshmen, living on campus is a requirement. With on-campus housing comes all the added perks such as the meal plan, which includes the McMindes Cafeteria and the food options in the Memorial Union. As for the parents of incoming freshmen, you’re probably wondering what all of this means! Fort Hays State University has seven residential buildings. McMindes, Tiger Place and Victor E. Village are all available to freshmen.

Victor E. Village is exclusively for freshmen who wish to live in a “learning community”. Learning communities are groups of 14 or 28 first-year students who share the same interests or majors. These students will often participate in group activities and will share 1-2 classes throughout their college experience. Personally, living in the learning communities of Victor E. Village was a great way to make friends and break through my shy habits. For one of the activities of my learning community, Opportunities Through Education, we all went bowling at the bowling alley in Hays. We shared pizza, laughed and learned about each other’s likes and dislikes. Victor E. Village is also home to Tiger Pizza, which is open from 7 p.m. to midnight every night. They make fresh pizza and pasta and also sell drinks, candy bars and much more to get you through your late-night study sessions!

McMindes Hall is a co-ed residence hall for freshmen and returning students. McMindes and Victor E. Village both have pod-style restrooms and showering facilities to ensure privacy. McMindes is also home to the only on-campus dining facility, which serves fresh food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Heather and Agnew Halls, also known as Tiger Place, offers more of a suite-style housing. One of the newer residential halls, Tiger Place features four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a common space, and a kitchenette for freshmen as well as upperclassmen. Agnew Hall was opened in 2012. And Heather Hall was opened in 2013, which means with all its fancy features, you will be living the “suite” life!

Wooster Place and Stadium Place offer apartment-like living to upperclassmen. Stadium Place offers fully furnished, two-and-four-bedroom housing. Each Stadium Place apartment comes equipped with a bathroom, kitchen and living room area. Wooster Place is available to not only upperclassmen, but families finishing their college education. Each room, one or two bedrooms, has a full kitchen, living room and bathroom. There are a total of six wings and a public laundry room as well. Wooster Place apartments are all resident-furnished.

The Dane G. Hansen Hall is a residential hall specifically for 33 students who love entrepreneurship. Coming from any major, residents have the opportunity to live in a learning community much like the ones found in Victor E. Village. The members of this hall travel compete, win awards, learn with successful entrepreneurs and develop skills to advance their careers. Dane G. Hanses Hall is a three-story building containing 33 private rooms. Community lounges on each floor and a multi-purpose eLab can also be found in this scholarship-based residential hall.

Custer Hall, which is available specifically to Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS) students, is the oldest residential building on campus. KAMS students are high school students but they are still given the opportunity to govern themselves with a Custer Hall Council.

Along with the McMindes Hall Cafeteria, the Memorial Union also offers dining options. Open on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. is the Tiger Market. The Tiger Market offers multiple lunch choices in a very quick manner. Starbucks, MONDOS Subs and The Market also reside in the Memorial Union, which is open on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Shayna Ede

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