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By Fort Hays State University on March, 7 2023

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The Forsyth Library at Fort Hays State University has everything that students could need to help them succeed in their chosen academic careers. First opened back in 1967, the library has been updated throughout the years to accommodate different library departments.

In addition, Forsyth Library also houses FHSU's Honors College, Learning Commons, Writing Center, and the Tiger Food Exchange. Let's see what other library resources are available for Fort Hays students.


Online Library Resources

The way of online searching has made its way into the world of libraries, and the Forsyth Library takes full advantage of this change to provide more resources to its students. On the library website, there are quick and helpful tutorials to help the students and staff of FHSU with how to use the online features of the library and the best ways to conduct research both online and when visiting the library.

The website also has a feature called "Ask-a-Librarian." This helpful search engine gives students the ability to talk to one of the librarians to get help searching for the information they require.


Traditional Library Resources Available

In addition to online resources, the Forsyth Library has one of the largest collections of texts in the area to browse through. Just like online, the library is teeming with helpful and friendly librarians who can help you find the right material you need when you need it.

Students can come to the library and have access to various advanced software programs, like Adobe Creative Suite, Finale, SPSS, and AutoCAD. The Forsyth Library has also moved up in the world of technology, and students can check out books, but they can also check out computers and other types of media equipment from the library's Learning Commons Desk.

What do students do if the library doesn't have the books or research they are searching for? The Forsyth Library is part of an interlibrary network. This means that students can request access to different research materials, books, and articles that are not owned by the library through the Interlibrary Loan system.

To help students even further, the Forsyth Library provides printing, copying, and scanning services. Students can use these resources by themselves or with the assistance of a librarian. Paying for printing, scanning, and copying is simple and easy thanks to FHSU's TigerPrint pay-for-print system.


Other Tools and Resources Found at Forsyth Library

At Forsyth Library, the staff understands that there is more to the world today than just reading and researching articles and books for the material. Being on a university campus, they understand the need for groups to gather to work on projects collaboratively.

The library offers several study rooms that groups can book in advance to work on group projects. These rooms are set up to be spacious and separated so that groups can gather and work on their group projects without disturbing other people inside the library who are studying or just relaxing while reading a new book.

For students who have the need or desire to create their professional videos, the library also has a One-Button Media Lab with all of the equipment required to help them build their skills and create the videos that they need to showcase those skills to their professors and fellow students


Forsyth Library: FHSU's Learning Hub

Throughout the years, the Forsyth Library has become an intricate part of campus life at FHSU and the surrounding community. Whether studying online or on-campus, students can find everything they need to support their learning pursuits at Fort Hays.

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