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Things to do on the Weekends

By Shayna Ede on March, 18 2021

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Things to do on the Weekends

When people think of college students on the weekends all they see is bright lights, loud music, and lots of dancing. What people don’t imagine is the weekend adventurers, the relaxers, and the ones who enjoy quality time with small groups of friends. There are so many other things to do, the opportunities are endless!

My favorite weekend activity is going for hikes and taking in what nature has to offer me. Sometimes it is fun to grab a group of friends who also enjoy nature and find a destination no one has been to yet with a picnic lunch. There are several fun activities and games that can be enjoyed in the midst of nature, such as volleyball, flag football, golf, spikeball and a favorite for many college students, cornhole. All these games are fun for all ages and as many people as you want! Cornhole tournaments are a good way to get everyone involved and make people laugh. Don’t be afraid to be silly and have a good time with friends!

Not everyone likes to spend their time off surrounded by other people, and that is okay too. There are plenty of good books to read, Netflix shows to watch, and naps to take. Netflix is always coming up with original content of all sorts. Romantic comedies, stand-up comedy shows, cartoons, and mysteries; you name it, Netflix most likely has it! When I am enjoying a good Netflix binge, I like to get a big blanket, plenty of snacks/drinks and get cozy. Turning the lights off and switching on a few string lights really helps set the mood for a relaxing day of doing nothing after a full week of doing everything.

There are plenty of planned weekend activities in place for students to enjoy as well. If you enjoy watching sports, check with intramural sports to see what they have going on. If you are interested in plays you can see what the campus theatre group is putting on. If you just like to get out of the house, there are probably local farmer’s markets and events on campus that are worth looking into.

The weekend is only 48 hours long, so you can make the best of it by enjoying these things as well:

  • Dance like nobody's watching
  • Sing like nobody can hear you
  • Go to the gym
  • Ride a bike
  • Go swimming
  • Get ahead on the homework for the week
  • Go to the movies
  • Go for a drive to clear your head
  • Call your family members and catch up with them


The best part about weekends is: no one can tell you if you are spending it right or wrong! If you are enjoying it, you are doing it right, and if you aren’t enjoying what you are doing there are plenty of other options! 

Shayna Ede

Hello! My name is Shayna Ede, and I am currently attending For Hays State University. In elementary school and even high school back in Colorado, I always thought writing was fun. I was the first to sign up for writing contests and English classes. I am majoring in Journalism, which seems quite fitting. I am in the marching band here at FHSU and I have a blast performing! When I’m not thinking about school, I like long talks with my family and friends, riding horses, and photography! I may be early in my years of college, but I have big plans to travel and see what this world has to offer after I graduate, while of course taking pictures and writing about the things I encounter!


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