Student Spotlight: Nolan Ford

By Fort Hays State University on November, 22 2022

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Students from the Fort Hays State University Applied Technology program who are interested in the construction industry gain wonderful opportunities as interns in the field. The summer internship programs available to construction management majors allow students like Nolan Ford the chance to hone their communication and business skills while putting their construction knowledge to work.

The Crossland Construction internship program allowed Nolan to dig deeply into the construction industry. His work as an intern included concrete forms and pouring, framing, and even safety meetings. Another big benefit was the chance to teach other laborers on the site about the forming and pouring process.

During his internship, Nolan was also allowed to shadow and support the building superintendents on the projects he worked on. He was also allowed to meet with clients, understand their schedule needs, and support the project requirement deadlines to meet the owner's ultimate needs. Leaders in this industry need to meet stringent guidelines and tight schedules. Nolan was able to learn about many aspects of these challenges.

All construction begins with a solid foundation. As an intern with Crossland, Nolan had the chance to interview with them for a field engineer job. Because Nolan had the chance to intern early in his academic career, his ability to build a good rapport with his co-workers and supervisors helped him build confidence in the field. His skills on the job site were fully supported by his work in the classroom.

In an interview, Nolan credited Professor Munschin for how he led the building and design class. In addition to providing access to top-of-the-line CAD program tools, Musch would "take us to his properties and show us the process of what was needed." Professor Munsch provides students with the chance to get hands-on experience with framing and other critical structural work.

Fort Hays' Bachelor of Science in Construction Management is centered around the Center for Applied Technology. This 58,000-square-foot facility, which opened in 2017, provides students the chance to combine both digital skills and hands-on instruction. The skills they pick up in this facility and in these fields of study provide them with remarkable opportunities when they enter their chosen field.

Additionally, the community of Fort Hays State University provides students with the opportunity to build relationships with their instructors. Small classroom sizes make it possible for students to ask more questions, work more independently, and even help other students puzzle through a challenging project. A single conversation with a professor can help a student shift their academic focus to a field that better incorporates their learning style, life goals, and future growth.

Students like Nolan can be confident as they enter their later years of college. They will leave school with multiple interviews and work experience and may even have a job offer before they enter their senior year of college.

The students who spend their summer months interning in the field of construction management are exceptionally well-prepared to thrive in this ever-changing industry. Even better, they will return to school with more confidence and a better understanding of their place in the future of construction.

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