OCS military connected training partnership with fhsu

By Fort Hays State University on October, 25 2022

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Learn About OCS Military-Connected Training Partnership at Fort Hays 

 There are several ways to become an officer in the United States Army, and Officer Candidate School (OCS) is one of them. The purpose of OCS is to provide a method by which civilians and enlisted soldiers can be commissioned as officers without fulfilling the requirements of a four-year college degree. 


What Is Officer Candidate School OCS Training Program FHSU Partnership? 

Fort Hays State University has partnered with the Kansas Army National Guard to offer an Officer Candidate School training program on campus. The program is available to FHSU students and other interested student veterans and former military from around the state. 

The OCS program, which began in late August at FHSU, provides students with an opportunity to experience life as a soldier while simultaneously earning college credit toward a degree. Students are provided with room, board, and a salary while they are still enrolled in the program, which lasts up to one year.  

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be commissioned as second lieutenants and begin leadership positions within their respective military branches.  

 For military-connected students who are interested in serving their country but might not know if they want to make that commitment yet, OCS is a great opportunity. They will get some exposure and experience without deciding whether they want to do it full time or part time. Ultimately, it is an opportunity for professional development and leadership training before college graduation. 


FHSU Is One of the Only Universities That Offers This Kind of Experience 

FHSU is one of only two universities in Kansas to provide this kind of experience for students. This designation means that FHSU has demonstrated a commitment to providing support services to military-connected students.  

In addition to providing their student veterans with the necessary tools to succeed, FHSU also has programs in place to encourage participation among active-duty members and reservists. Students accepted into the program can be fully engaged in their education while meeting military commitments. Furthermore, through this partnership, students can participate in OCS and ROTC at FHSU. 


Military-Connected Students Can Benefit From This Valuable Partnership 

An important part of Fort Hays State University's mission is to prepare students for their future endeavors. As a result, FHSU strives to offer students valuable partnerships that will enhance their learning experience and allow them to reach their goals. The OCS MCTP offers qualified cadets a chance to earn an officer commission while pursuing a degree at FHSU. 

To be eligible for this partnership, cadets must be currently serving in the military or be planning on enlisting in the military upon graduation from high school. In addition, they must have completed two years of ROTC training at FHSU and be enrolled in one of the following majors: 

  • Criminal justice
  • Educational leadership
  • General studies with an emphasis on kinesiology
  • Social work or political science

This opportunity allows students to remain as part of the Tiger Regiment ROTC program while also acting as a steppingstone toward becoming a Kansas Army National Guard officer. While participating in this valuable partnership, students will have access to senior leadership and mentorship from professionals already working within their chosen field of study.  

These experiences will provide students with essential skills that will benefit them personally and professionally—skills not easily acquired through traditional classroom settings.  

Additionally, it will give you as a cadet hands-on training alongside other military personnel to continue growing your professional network before graduating from college with an officer commission already under your belt. 

The collaboration of FHSU and OCS military to create a connected training partnership will provide opportunities for advisors and cadets to further their education while giving firsthand experience.  

Much of the training in the military depends on real-world experience. This program at Fort Hays helps enhance hands-on practical training opportunities that go beyond classroom lectures and into the actual field of military knowledge. 

Ultimately, it is the goal of OCS to continue educating young adults on leadership and life skills through higher education programs. 

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