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Top Career Options With Computer Science Degrees

By Fort Hays State University on June, 20 2022

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Technology is the direction the world is going, and computer science knowledge is valued by most employers. The best part of obtaining a degree in computer science is the vast number of jobs available to you. Many industries need technical support, so it will be your responsibility to construct a portfolio that demonstrates where you are experienced. To do that, you need to know what careers in computer science are possible and what pay to expect.


IT Consultants

IT consultants assist with the installation and usage of technology in a business. Their goal is to make sure a company can use technology to resolve problems and improve efficiency. You will analyze their current systems and provide solutions. You may also be requested to work directly with the marketing department in obtaining new leads, developing a business plan, and much more. This position requires a broad knowledge of information technology and is a great position to start in if you are unsure which path you want to specialize in.



With the increasing amount of business being performed online, companies turn to cybersecurity specialists to keep their business information, and their clients, safe. When working in this department, you will analyze systems and look for security breaches. Often, the company will rely on you to patch weak spots to ensure confidentiality is maintained. Most cybersecurity specialists will need to know how to program, and some may need knowledge of purposeful hacking to find holes in coding. There are multiple levels in this industry, so be prepared to work from the ground up.


IT Manager

Slightly higher in pay grade than an IT consultant, an IT manager is responsible for overseeing the entire technological operation of a business. You will be in charge of a team of people and be required to delegate tasks. The managers are responsible for purchasing hardware and software, setting up operating systems, and providing tech support when necessary. They are expected to know the licensing requirements and prepare strategies while remaining within the company’s budget.


Database Administrator

If you love organization and understand programming, then database administrator is a career in computer science that you should pursue. You will be involved in the creation, maintenance, and optimization of the company’s databases. This may include analyzing data or organizing files. You must understand the cybersecurity side or know how to work with a security specialist to keep all information secure. Oftentimes, you will be required to work with a team of IT specialists and technical writers.


Systems Analyst

Designing new applications and improving current systems fall in the hands of systems analysts. This position will require a lot of technical knowledge and a clear understanding of current software. The goal of an analyst is to improve efficiency, productivity, and profit margin for a business using technical features. In many cases, you will be working with the business analyst to respond to internal problems and meet customer demands.



Programming can vary from website construction, mobile application creation, and game development. There are multiple languages and divisions in this career option. It is best to start building a portfolio while in school. Income will vary based on your experience and versatility. For example, game developers will not only need to know programming but also animation and story development. Most companies will hire a team of developers to help break up the various tasks, so teamwork is essential.


What Is the Average Salary of Someone With a Computer Science Degree?

The pay scale will vary depending on the position. Programmers and security analysts can expect a starting salary of $60,000. However, basic IT support personnel can expect to start around $30,000. As you develop more experience, the pay will escalate quickly; the website Indeed has cybersecurity analysts making an average of around $90,000 a year. The direction you go will determine your salary.

As you can see, the opportunities available for someone with a computer science degree are vast, and the potential for making a good living is great. Your degree can help lead you down the path of a great career.

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