4 College Degrees for a Successful Career Change

By Fort Hays State University on October, 29 2020

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So you’ve decided it is time to change your life for the better and switch careers. Earning a degree is a great way to build your knowledge and skillset in a new field. When you are considering going back to school to change your career, it is important to do your research. 

A career change is a big commitment, and putting in the time and thought to research your options can help ensure that your new career will be enjoyable and financially support you into the future. Regardless of the path you choose, earning a degree can boost your job prospects, and it is easier than ever to earn your education with online universities [link to bachelor’s myths blog]. As you consider your options take a look at these four in-demand degrees that can help change your career and bring a successful future. 

Business Degree

Earning a business degree, whether it’s a bachelor’s degree or an MBA, can be a smart choice for individuals looking to make a career change. A business degree is relevant for every industry and can, therefore, increase your job options upon completion. Business degrees cover all aspects of operating a business, from administration to economics. A business degree may be an ideal opportunity for you if you enjoy leadership positions, have good problem-solving skills, and enjoy working with people.

There are many ways to specialize within the business industry while earning a degree. A business degree can lead to a career in finance, business administration, business consulting, and entrepreneurship. In Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado, Human Resource Specialists are in high demand. A business degree is one of the best options for someone considering a career change due to the variety of jobs and career paths it offers. The financial benefits of a business degree can also be considerable as you advance within your business specialty.

Computer Science Degree

We live in a digital world, which makes the demand for professionals with computer skills high. In fact, the growth rate for software developers is 21%, which is considerably higher than most other industries and professions. A computer science degree teaches you valuable skills in programming and computer algorithms. While the technical nature of this degree may be intimidating, coding is a popular route taken by people looking for a career change. The competitive skill set and high earning potential of a computer science degree makes it a popular and smart choice for a new career.

A computer science degree can earn you a variety of different job titles. Computer science graduates go on to be software engineers, database managers, frontend or backend developers, IT personnel, and project managers. In earning a computer science degree you’ll learn a number of popular languages and frameworks that are used to build all aspects of web, mobile, and software development.

Nursing Degree

Nurses are in high demand throughout the country. If you have a passion for healthcare and work well in a fast-paced environment, nursing may be a great option for you to consider. There are a number of ways to get into nursing, from an associate’s degree to a master’s. The education you attain determines the positions open to you. While an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree can qualify you as a Registered Nurse (RN), many hospitals and other health care organizations prefer to hire nurses with a bachelor of science in nursing degree. A master’s degree in nursing can earn you the title of Nurse Practitioner and allow for work independently of a supervising physician. 

Once you’ve earned a nursing degree, there are a few different avenues to utilize it. Nurses work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, as home health aides, and in school systems. The number of jobs open to nurses continue to grow, as well. The nursing field is expected to grow 12% over the next ten years (which is much faster than the average for many other industries). With a high volume of job possibilities across the country, nursing is an excellent option to consider for a career change.

Marketing Degree

A degree in marketing can lead to a number of opportunities in every industry. Every organization from a small non-profit to a large corporation needs marketing, and there are many ways to specialize within the marketing field. A marketing degree can land you a job in events and promotion management, copywriting, content management, social media marketing, and many more interesting and exciting careers. 

Marketing is a field that continues to have high job prospects and is projected to be one of the fastest-growing jobs in Kansas. When considering a career change, a degree that offers a broad variety of options makes it easier to find a niche within the industry that you enjoy and that supports you and your family financially. With so many pathways branching from a single degree, the possibilities for advancement are also considerable. A marketing degree can be an excellent catalyst to launch your new career.

Where to Earn Your Degree

Once you have narrowed down your degree interests it’s time to consider where you’ll earn that degree. Furthering your education is a worthwhile pursuit, particularly when you’re looking to change careers, and choosing a university is as important as deciding which career path you’ll take. 

Start by determining whether you’ll be earning your degree on-campus or online. With the rising popularity of online higher education, there’s no longer the need to relocate to a college town in order to further your education and change your career. Online education typically allows for more flexibility, which is important if you will have a job, children, or other responsibilities outside of schoolwork. Look for institutions that offer the degree you’re interested in and consider your financial best interests when looking at tuition. Earning a degree is an investment in your future, but tuition rates can vary widely between universities. 

The more you research your options as you consider a career change, the better prepared you will be to take the leap and start a new career! As you consider degree options, add Fort Hays State University to your list! We offer 200 online degree and certificate programs and award-winning online education.

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